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Hard Rock Cafe

Friday June 14, 2019

12 noon to 7 pm



There will be Magic, Balloon Twisting, Shave Ice & Popcorn
















Face Painting

Special Effects Artist

Balloon Twisting

Glitter Tattoo's

Live Princess Charcters

Princess Dress up Parties

Live Super Hero Characters

Mascot & Cartoon Characters

Shave Ice, Cotton Candy, Popcorn

DJ Service

Hawaiian Music


Clown Shows


Hula Dancers

Character Drawings

and so much MORE!






Image Gallery

                              Choose from our ALA CART MENU


                            Choose a PARTY BUNDLE and SAVE!


                             All  Prices include Hawaii State Tax

                                        There is NO travel fee!


                                          100 % QUALITY ENTERTAINMENT                                                                                                                               

                                      ALA CART MENU



FACE PAINTING -            $ 110.00  per hour /1 hour minimum

                                               Second hour $100.00 / 3rd hr $85.00

                                               Our professional Make-up artist will apply

                                               water based paints which are FDA Approved!

                                               We have the designs Keiki & Adults want. 


MAKE-UP                           AMAZING Special Effects make up artist

                                              "Joan Peragreino" has been featured on

                                               Olelo TV, Sea Life Park, local Haunted

                                               Attractions and more! $ 50.00 & up

                                               per person (now taking HALLOWEEN

                                               BOOKINGS)   THIS IS REAL HALLOWEEN 

                                                MAKE-UP ARTISTRY (NO bundles for

                                               Special Effects Makeup) prosthetics, crepe 

                                               hair etc.



BALLOON TWISTING -     $110.00 per hour /1 hour minimum

                                                $100.00 for 2nd hour / 3rd $85.00

                                                Talented Balloon Twisters will provide your 

                                                guests with a wide variety of awesome 

                                                balloon sculptures that will impress your



GLITTER TATTOO'S -      $100.00 per hour/1 hour minimum

                                                $85.00 for 2nd hr / 3 rd $75.00

                                               Temporary Glitter Tattoos - can last up to 

                                               7 days! FDA Approved.  Lots of design 

                                               choices for Keiki & Adults.  Everyone 

                                               Loves Glitter!


DJ SERVICE -                     $350.00 up to 4 hours (1st Birthday Special)

                                                Wedding and other events at a higher rate. 



MAGICIAN -                       $300.00 for our basic 30 minute Stage Magic

                                               show including Live Doves.  We also offer

                                               Extream Magic with large props and pretty            

                                               assistant at a higher rate. (see party Bundles)


STROLLING -                     $250.00  1 hour of Amazing Table side magic

CLOSE UP                            our Magician will stroll thru your audience 

MAGIC                                  performing tricks that will leave your guests

                                                speechless.  Wondering how did he do that?


SHAVE ICE -                       $175.00 2 hour minimum 

                                                Check out our bundles and save


COTTON CANDY -             $160.00 2 hour minimum

                                                Check out our bundles and save


POPCORN -                          $160.00 2 hour minimum

                                                 Check out our bundles and save



HAWAIIAN MUSIC -          We have many talented performers

                                                  contact us for pricing and availability!

                                                 2 hour minimum

      Prices may vary :    Solo $300.00 , Duet $400.09, Trio $600.00


                                 Party Charcters


                                     PRINCESS & FAIRYTALE


    Includes Lovely Rhinestone Tiera and Official Princess Proclamation



                                              SUPER HEROS  


                           Super Hero Pledge and Plastic Medal



                        PARTY MASCOT & OTHER CHARACTERS


                                              Small Birthday Gift








                          30 Minute MEET & GREET

                   $115.00 additional character $99.00

      For small parties or for a quick appearance , character will meet and greet guests, pose for photos, join in activities you may have , be present for cake ceremony, and presentation of proclamation & crown or super hero pledge & medal.  



                             1 Hour MEET & GREET

                   $140.00 additional character $99.00

      For larger parties which have many things going on at the sometime, (customer can structure the time) to meet & greet, photo opportunity, stand in your photo booth, mingle with your guest, pass out your goodie bags, join in games you may already have planned, joining the cake ceremony, present the crown & proclamation or medal and super hero pledge.



                        1 Hour CRAFTING & GAME Package

                    $185.00   additional character $99.00

      For indoor parties , includes crafts for up to 12 children, addition crafts for addition keiki $3.00 additional , if you have a sound system we can bring a flash drive for music to be played as children play games such as: Limbo, freeze dance, musical chairs etc, character will meet & greet, mingle with guests, join in activities you may have, join in cake ceremony or any other idea you may have as well as present proclamation & crown or medal and super hero pledge.


                      FULL BODY CARTOON MASCOTS


                        30 MINUTE Package  $150.00

                        1 HOUR Package       $200.00

                        Additional character $115.00

                                includes small gift

 Indoor or outdoor, character must have a shady area, they will meet and greet your guests , pose for photographs, mingle with guest and be present for the cake ceremony.

(games can be added to either of these packages if there is a sound system for flash drive)





                                     PARTY BUNDLES


                                               Mini -Bundle #1

                   2 hrs of Face Painting & 2 hrs of Balloon Twisting




                                            Party Bundle  #2

                                              Choose 3 items 

                        2 hr Face Painting , 2 hr Balloon Twisting. 

                                          2 hrs of Glitter Tattoos

                     2 hours of Cotton Candy or 2 hours of Popcorn

                                                  $  520.00




                                              Party Bundle  # 3


                2 hours of Face Painting  or  2 hours of Balloon Twisting 


                          30 Minute Professional Stage Magic Show

                                                with Live Doves



                      COMMING SOON!   NEW PARTY BUNDLES!